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Configuring AudioEnhance Mixer

You will want to configure the AudioEnhance Mixer if:

1) You want to apply dynamics processing to the radio station (also called 'compression', 'limiting' and 'agc')

This will make the output more consistent, allowing for audio items that are recorded too loudly, and those that are
recorded too quietly, and makes the resultant volume more consistent. This option is HIGHLY recommended for
streaming radio stations, as well as "party" Djs as is automates most of the volume adjustment for each song played.
DJ-SERV ships with several, FREE, audio dynamics processing plug-ins!

2) You want to stream your output to SHOUTcast, or use any other Winamp style audio plug ins.

It is pointless spending time configuring the AudioEnhance Mixer if the airplayer isn't using it!

Therefore, review the help in Configuring the Airplayer first and select the AudioEnhance Mixer as the destination
for ALL of the airplayer outputs!

Once this is set up, its important to realise that the AudioEnhance Mixer has become the destination device for the airplayer.

The following configuration steps will now affect just what happens to the audio once it has entered the AudioEnhance Mixer.

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