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The AudioEnhance Mixer Device

See also Configuring AudioEnhance Mixer

This is a special audio device that will appear as a player destination option in all DJSERV installations.

Its main purpose is to provide a central location for all the audio to end up in, where it may be streamed out to SHOUTcast, have audio
processing applied, and so on.

There is one, separate AudioEnhance Mixer device available to each instance of DJ-Serv. If you have two copies of DJ-Serv running, the
AudioEnhance Mixer in one of them will not "talk" to or "hear" the AudioEnhance Mixer in the other copy. This is ideal for running several streaming radio stations, all quite separate, from the one PC. [You will need the appropriate license to do this!]

Though the AudioEnhance Mixer is a central "mix point" for all the players in DJ-Serv (including the ones inside AirPlayer), it is NOT an audio dead-end; the output of the AudioEnhance Mixer can be assigned to a real device driver either so that you can hear it, or in silent mode, or even
to a virtual destination - which is VERY useful for streaming applications.

The AudioEnhance Mixer is always available, even if the PC has no physical devices installed. In which case it will have a virtual destination, but you will still be able to "steal" the mixer output for feeding into, for example a SHOUTcast server.

In short, if you would like to apply audio processing effects to the output of DJ-SERV, you must send all the players to the AudioEnhance Mixer,
process the audio via the chosen plugin, and set the destination device of the AudioEnhance Mixer to the one of your choice in order to hear the results!