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Configuring The Airplayer

Remember, at all times, the airplayer is linked to the current playlist!

The major configuration of the airplayer is concerned with the sound cards that it feeds.

You can access the airplayer configuration window like this:

Then you will be presented with this window:

The number of players actually inside the airplayer depend on the fadermode property you choose; in most cases, and for streaming radio stations, this will be set to single fader mode as follows: (on the General Tab)

In single fader mode, there are actually three player objects inside airplayer (this is to allow for overlapping songs)

With an even number of faders , it is assumed that there are two or perhaps four audio devices that you wish to use, and the airplayer
uses four internal players.

With an odd number of faders, it is assumed you will send the airplayer outputs to three audio devices.

When using multiple sound devices or multiple sound cards, the presenter (DJ) will want to know exactly which output device each audio item
in the Airplayer will appear on (this is VERY important if the audio cards each appear on a different fader on the audio mixing desk in a studio!)
and so its vital that you set the Device ID at the bottom of each individual player configuration screen to a meaningful number or letter (usually the same as each fader on the mixing desk is marked!). This is a highly advanced operation; please consult with the support department of the program vendor if you need more information about this.

For each player, choose the appropriate device that it will feed from the drop down under destination device. All the available devices for the PC will be listed, and you may, in the case of four channel devices (e.g. SB Live!) choose the front or rear speakers if this is enabled in control panel on that particular PC:

See also: Using the AudioEnhance Mixer Device