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Current Playlist

Picture shows relationship between Current Playlist And AirPlayer:

Access the current playlist view either from the Current Playlist Tab, the View Menu / Current Playlist , or the hotkeys CTRL + P

The Airplayer always shows the next three items in the current playlist. Historical items are marked in the Status column of the playlist either with a tick or a cross. If the audio was played until at least the segue point, the corresponding playlist row is marked as ticked. If it was ejected early, or forced away with a "play next" button press, it will be marked with a cross. (This will also be true if the audio could not be played for some reason)

Start Time Column:

This is an approximate time that the shown item will start, if the playlist is left unattended and in auto. It is intended as a guide only. It is updated whenever a new item starts playing.

The Airplayer will always play DOWN the playlist in the correct order.

Changing the played order:

With certain provisos, the DJ can change the order of the items in the current playlist by dragging and dropping them around. She should always reinforce this by moving the playlist to the desired item after a drag /drop operation.
If it is desired to move to a different playlist position, the following example should help:

Moving the airplayer to position 8 in this playlist (Iggy Pop)

1) Use the mouse to highlight Iggy Pop in the playlist.

2) Click the MOVE button on the airplayer.

3) Done! Observe that Iggy Pop is now shown as the next item in the airplayer, and is marked in the playlist with the NEXT arrow (the angled light blue arrow).

Loading a Playlist:

Above where the artist and title displayed (in that column header, you will see the text current playlist:) Just click this column header to initiate a manual load of a different playlist. You can also do this from the main menu - Playlist / Load playlist. The hotkeys are CTRL + F1.

Shuffling or Randomising a Playlist

Use the main menu - look for playlist and drop it down to show Randomize Playlist. The hotkeys are CTRL + F2.

What happens when the playlist reaches the end?

By default, playlists wrap around to the first item when the end is reached. In other words, the playlist starts from the beginning again.