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Using The AirPlayer

Overview: Remember, the airplayer is ALWAYS linked to the current playlist loaded, and shows the next three items in it to be played.

Explanations - [from top left, in clockwise order]
  • Image

    The Dj-Serv icon is displayed when there is no image associated with the currently playing, or ready to play song. To associate an image with a particular song, you can use the audio properties editor. Once done, the Dj-Serv icon disappears and is replaced with a picture of the album cover you have selected.

  • Progress Bar

    Simply indicates the progress of the currently playing song. Importantly, if the AirPlayer is in AUTO mode, the bar is coloured yellow, and its coloured red when the Airplayer is in manual mode. If its red, playback will END when the current song finishes. If its yellow, Airplayer will mix to the next song - automatically. You can toggle this behaviour with the blue-coloured Auto button.
  • Elapsed / Remain

    The counter on the left counts up from the start of the current song, and the one to the right will count down to the end point. In AUTO mode, the remain (right hand) counter counts down to the point at which the next song will start (which isn't  the end of the current song - they may well overlap!) and this is called the segue point. In MANUAL mode, the remain counter counts down to the very end of the current song.
  • VU Meters

    They indicate the loudness of the currently playing song. They will light up further to the right, towards the yellow and red areas, for the louder items. Note that the relative volume level of each song is adjustable in the audio properties editor.
  • Play / Next Button

    When nothing is playing, this button will start playback. When something is already playing, hitting this button will quickly fade out the current item, and start the next one, moving the playlist 'up' in the process.
  • Skip / Eject Buttons

    When something is playing, the topmost skip / eject button changes to a stop button. Pressing this will halt playback immediately, and if the airplayer is in auto, it will revert to manual mode. When nothing is playing, you can use the two skip/eject buttons to dump either the top item in the now, next and after area, or the one below, depending on your preference.
  • Sound Card Identifiers

    The airplayer actually consists of three or four actual separate players. This is normally of no concern to the operator (the DJ) UNLESS you require that the players appear on different sound card outputs (for example if feeding an audio mixing console from the computer). In the picture, they all show "D" ('Default device') but you can change where the players actually feed their audio to in the Airplayer configuration. You can set it, for example, so that the players always play to two devices in turn - in which case you would label them perhaps 'A' and 'B'. The Airplayer guarantees, in that case, that every other song will play on sound card 'A' - interspersed with audio on sound card 'B'. This is an advanced feature, but the important point is that the sound card identifier will always tell you on which device the audio will appear. 
  • Now, Next and After Labels

    These display the next three items in the linked playlist. Remember, the airplayer is always absolutely linked to the current playlist (whether or not you have it displayed in the current tab view!) From the top down, they show you the current song (or the one that will play when you hit play/next when the airplayer is stopped), the next song and the one after.
  • Endstyle Labels

    Simply inform the operator how the adjacent song will end. You can set this in the Audio Properties Editor. 'f' means it fades out gradually, 'c' means 'cold'; it will end suddenly and so on. Its always one letter that you can use as you please, so long as you and your operators know what it means!
  • Buttons - Auto

    When the airplayer is in manual mode, each track or song will end and the audio in the airplayer will stop. 

    In AUTO mode, the airplayer will mix the songs together, and the Now, Next and After labels will "move up" as the associated playlist progresses. To switch between auto and manual modes, you can simply press the auto button. Remember the progress bar will be coloured RED in manual mode (indicating the airplayer will stop playback at the end of the current song if you don't hit the Play/Next button) and it will be yellow to indicate auto mode is established, and no action is required for playlist advance to the next item.