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Updating Web Pages

You may use the integrated PlayingNow software to make "now playing" lists (consisting of images and text, or both)
on the streaming radio station website.

You can activate the PlayingNow program at any time by clicking the globe icon in the system tray

Main PlayingNow interface:

You must access your webpages via FTP and update them from the FTP Updater button on the left bottom of the PlayingNow interface. It is outside the scope of this help file to document the FTP updater, but it is quite simple to use.

In the free version of PlayingNow packaged with DJ-Serv, its possible to have buy now links attached to any images you display; you can make a CD (Amazon) shop if you wish. The Amazon referrer ID will be locked to the author ID until you decide to purchase a license for PlayingNow. All other aspects of the program are full and free.