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Updating Artist and Title on SHOUTcast servers

If you are running a SHOUTcast stream with DJ-Serv, its possible to add the artist and title to each song as it is played in the Dj-Serv playlist.

You must use the integrated PlayingNow program, which starts automatically with DJ-Serv and appears in the Windows System Tray (also called the notification area) as a globe icon.

You can activate the PlayingNow program at any time by clicking this globe icon.

Main PlayingNow interface:

For detailed instructions on all the capabilities of PlayingNow, use the Explain tab.

To Set up SHOUTcast server updating, use the Configure SHOUTcast title updating tab.

Add one server, or many servers. Ensure update from: drop down is set to the application path\mlogs folder

Mlog stands for music log and is simply a text file that includes every song played in DJ-Serv.

You may optionally exclude jingles, IDs and so forth from having their artist and title captions displayed to the world!