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Command Manager

See Also: Playlist commands

The Command Manager manages all current commands, whether they be loaded from the Current Playlist, or added to the Command Manager itself.

Commands allow DJ-Serv to perform automated actions at precise times. For example, an unattended streaming station might have an '80s special' at a particular time each day -  a global command with its daily property set to load the 80s playlist at the same time each day will acheive this.

The Command Manager is situated top right of Dj-Serv's main window:

It is active when the green button, far top right is "playing"; click this button to toggle between the active and inactive states.

When the Command Manager is Inactive, no commands will be executed.

You can view the current commands at any time by clicking the button below this:

From the next window, you may edit or delete any global commands, and view all commands, including any that are loaded from the current playlist.

Commands are a highly advanced and experimental feature. Not all commands, in all modes are supported.
Please contact support if you would like further help or have a specific need that the existing commands do not address.