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Rotate Playlists

Note: Rotate Playlists are only avaliable in the PRO edition of DJ-Serv.

See Also: Playlist Overview

Playlists in DJ-Serv, at their simplest, consist of a list of audio items that are played one after another. If the Airplayer is in AUTO mode, each item is automtically mixed with the next item. Playlists never end in AUTO mode. When the end is reached, they start at the beginning; they 'wrap around'.

A rotate playlist does not consist of explicit audio items. It consists, instead of categories.

When the playlist is loaded as a current playlist, only then are the actual songs to be played 'decided' by the integrated scheduler. It essentially picks a song for each playlist position based on the category you specified when you created the playlist. 

So, you must first place your library audio items into categories before using rotate playlists. Dont worry, it takes very little time, because you can do this in mass changes in the Dj-Scheduler section of the program. 

See mass category changes.

Using a rotate playlist instead of one that consists of explicit audio items is very useful because a rotate playlist will almost always play different songs each time it goes round! But you still retain ultimate control, because you choose the categories from which they are selected.

For many streaming radio stations, you need only to categorize your audio, make ONE rotate playlist, put Dj-Serv into AUTO mode, and it will run for many days, weeks or months - completely unattended and rotate your audio according to the category rules you specify! It is the ultimate automated radio station solution - you never even have to manually schedule a playlist, because it does it for you, automatically each time the rotate playlist reaches the end and wraps around to the beginning!

Rotate playlists generally represent a chunk of time. They are seldom very long. Typically, a rotate playlist will have enough positions in it to last about an hour.

For more, see Walkthrough: Create a Rotate Playlist