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Walkthrough: Setting or changing the segue point on any audio track

See Also: DJ-Serv audio tones description

See Also: Setting the audio tones

The segue point (or segue tone, 'sectone', 'seg', 'mix point') is how DJ-Serv "knows" when to start to mix one song with the next in the playlist. (This will apply when the Airplayer is in AUTO mode).

It is very important to set the segue point correctly for smooth mixes between songs. Dj-Serv sets most segue points automatically, but, in the Audio Properties Editor, you have a chance to overrule this automatic 'mix point' and set your own. Here's how:

Double-click the entry for the audio item you wish to edit in the Library Browse All view in Dj-Serv, or find it in the Database / Search grid and double-click on it there. It brings  up the Audio Properties Editor:

Steps to set up a segue point:
1) It would be silly to have to listen to the whole song! Remember the segue point is near to the end of the song, somewhere usually after the song starts to fade out, but not where its so quiet as to leave a gap before the next song would play in auto.

Also remember what the segue point is: it is the point at which the next song will start in auto mode

2) So we know we want to get the player, as quickly as possible somewhere near to the end of the song. Press PLAY, and then drag the progress bar at the top to somewhere near the end of the song. Guess!

3) Soon, the song will begin to fade. Press the yellow Segue button right at the point where the next song should start. Imagine you  are mixing this song to another by yourself. When would you start the next song so as not to leave a gap between them?

4) You don't have to get it right first time. If you think you made a mistake, you can press CUE, then press play again and follow the steps through until you are happy the segue is in the right place.

5) DONT press STOP in the audio properties editor, use CUE

6) To save your changes when you are done, just press the OK button at the bottom left of the Audio Properties Editor. It will save your changes and close the editor all in one!