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Playlist Commands (Command Cuts)

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Playlist Editor can insert audio items into a play list, rotate positions, break notes and commands.

This help file may refer to commands as simply 'commands' or sometimes 'command cuts'

A command is a non-playable playlist item. Its job is not to be played; rather, its job is to tell DJ-Serv to do something, normally at a particular time, and optionally with a frequency (Eg hourly, daily, weekly and so on). Commands behave a little bit like the timer in a VCR, but are a lot more flexible.

Where a timer in a VCR normally does just one thing at a given time (it records), the commands in DJ-Serv are capable of doing many things, including:
  • Moving to a certain playlist position at a certain time;
  • Reloading this playlist or loading another playlist at a certain time;
  • Toggling AUTO mode - dropping in and out of auto when commanded to do so;
  • Starting or stopping the Live Source Player;
  • Stopping playback altogether
  • Resuming playback again
  • Running other programs (not currently implemented)

    Commands are very powerful and intended for advanced users who mostly use DJ-Serv in unattended mode. If you program commands carefully, it is possible to have a diverse and precise output.

    Commands may be attached to, and included in, the current playlist, or they may be GLOBAL COMMANDS.
  • Playlist commands are valid ONLY whilst they playlist in which they exist is loaded as the Current Playlist.
  • GLOBAL Commands are valid at all times, and will always execute, regardless of which playlist is loaded. They are managed by the command manager

    Playlist commands may be inserted into any playlist from the Playlist Editor via Insert Special / Command Cut.