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Setting the audio tones in the Audio Properties Editor

Double click the desired audio item in the Library Browse all grid to open the Audio Properties Editor.

The audio tones may be set with the row of yellow buttons (under the white text property labels) in the Audio Properties Editor:

To clear any of the tones, you need to press the appropriate button whilst the player is STOPPED.

To set any of the tones, PLAY the song, and hit the appropriate yellow button at the correct moment in the song as it plays.

For example, to set the Intro, press play and hit the intro button when the artist starts to sing.

IMPORTANT: You needn't listen to the whole song! You can drag the progress indicator to move the song to any position!

Changes are discarded or saved depending on whether or not you use the OK button (bottom left) of the Audio Properties Editor to close the window when you have finished.

See Also Walkthrough: Setting or changing the segue point on any audio track