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Assigning an Image to a Particular Song in the Library.

This is done with the Audio Properties Editor, and it assumes the DJ-Serv PC is connected to the internet.

It is helpful if you set, and spell correctly, the artist and title for this track first!
See: Setting Text Properties

Press the Image... button

After a short wait, you will see a window that collects information for this artist and title:

You can use the option buttons on the left of this window to choose the correct album cover to display for this song. 

If you need more information, use the buttons in this window to investigate further (you can check the track listing, for example)

This image will be displayed then
  • In the audio properties window, above the image button;
  • In the airplayer at the top left, when this song plays

    And it will be used by the PlayingNow software (accessible from the globe in the task area, near the Windows clock, usually far bottom left of screen) to update any web pages you have elected to update with your "playing now" information - - mostly applies to streaming radio stations.