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Setting Text Properties With the Audio Properties Editor

This section applies to setting, or changing, the following properties of any audio item in the DJ-Serv library:
  • Artist
  • Title
  • Year
  • Album
  • Endstyle
  • Comments

    Double click on any item in the Library Browse All grid to make it appear in the Audio Properties Editor:

    To change or enter new information for any of the above items, click the relevant button on the audio properties editor and enter the new text. Be sure to press OK at the bottom left of the Audio Properties window when done, else your changes will be lost!

    Playlist comments are used as informational comments that are "attached" to this item when it appears in a DJ-Serv playlist. Typically, this would be some useful trivia, or perhaps chart positions and dates that can be talked about by the presenter at the time the item is played in a playlist. They appear in a playlist like this: