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Category Rules

Category rules are only used when you make rotate playlists in the professional version of DJ-Serv.

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They specify the intervals that you would like to elapse before that same song title gets scheduled for playback twice, or any song by the same artist gets scheduled again.

If you are in internet-only broadcaster operating under the US small internet broadcaster license, you should be aware that there is a legal requirement to separate songs from the same album or artist by a reasonable period. Therefore, you should use this feature to stay within the law and the terms of your license agreement. This will apply to you if you are licensed with SWCast or LoudCity.

Category rules are used only as a guide by the scheduler; it will never give you "unscheduled positions" in your rotate playlists (unless there really is no other option - like you deleted all the items in the category!), but rather, it will warn you in the playlist if there are any violations according to the rules you have set.

Setting impossible rules will result in many of these warnings in your playlists! For example, if you have a category with just 5 songs in it, all by the same artist, and you schedule 5 an hour, and the artist separation is less than a very small amount, then Artist Separation Violations will occur! (The artist separation for 5 equally spaced items by the same artist in an hour would be about 60/5 = 12 mins at least!)

To adjust category rules:

Open the DJ-Scheduler section of the program, using CTRL + S from the main DJ-Serv Program.

Use the main menu. Choose Categories / Show Category UI

You will see this window (The Category Selector):

Use the Category and level lists to choose the category and level for which you want to change the rules

In this case, I choose 80s level 1. I click 80s on the category list, and level 1 on the level list:

In addition, I click the  down arrows to reveal the rules for this category:

About Global Rules:

They apply to ALL categories if the individual category rules were never set. (note that you can also tell a category to ignore rules if no separations are desired - for example a category that contains only jingles, voice links or what have you).

More About Rules:

The rules are cross-category. That is to say, if The Rolling Stones play in a 60s category, and they are subsequently due to be scheduled in an 80s category, DJ-Scheduler will "see" the 60s position and treat the 80s play as a violation. (Therefore the 80s Rolling Stones song is unlikely to be played at that point).

Dj-Scheduler is able to choose the best possible song for a rotate playlist even if ALL the items in category provide an Artist or Title Separation violation. Since rotate playlists are scheduled on demand from DJ-Serv, DJ-Scheduler tries very hard to try something to play!