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Walkthrough: Building a Simple Playlist in DJ-Serv

Follow the steps to create a new simple playlist in DJ-Serv.

1) Ensure you have some audio added to your audio library. If there are no items shown in the Library Browse All tab,
then you must first read this.

2) Select the Playlist Editor tab in the main DJ-Serv Window to reveal a split view of the searchable database, and an empty playlist
at the bottom:

3)Next, click the NEW button, and type a name for the playlist. Use 'test'

4) The playlist editor works because you search for audio items in the top section (the searchable database area), then you drag them into the playlist that you are building below. In this example, we want to show ALL the items in the database, so we can choose our favourite songs to add to the playlist.

5) To display ALL the database songs, type '.' as the search phrase (a single dot) and ensure you are searching in ALL FIELDS.

6) Click the Search Now button:

7) Remember you can order the results by clicking on any column header.

8) Also remember that you can select single items in the database grid, and drag them one at a time into your new playlist:

9) OR you can use multi-select (by clicking items in the database results grid with the CTRL key held down) and drag the whole lot into the playlist all at once:

10) Reorder playlist items by simple drags and drops if required.

11)Don't forget to hit the save button when done!

12)You may now load this as the current playlist to hear and see the results of your work. Click the current playlist tab, and load in your test playlist by clicking the column header ('click here to load a playlist') in the CURRENT playlist grid:

13)If you want the playlist to mix automatically, be sure to hit the AUTO button on the Airplayer!