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Walkthrough: Inserting items Into the Current Playlist From The Library Browse All or Database Views.

If you have a playlist loaded as the current playlist, and unexpectedly have to play something  from the library, DJ-Serv provides the option of inserting audio directly into the AirPlayer (and therefore current playlist - they are always linked!) in a couple of ways:

A typical scenario would perhaps be for a mobile DJ who has a prepared playlist, but is asked to play a special request.

1) Simply use a drag and drop operation! Find the audio you need in either Browse All View, or Database / Search, and drop it into the airplayer's now, next or after position. Multi-select is permitted if you wish to drop in loads of items!

2)Highlight the item(s) you wish to play and hit the insert button on the Airplayer. The desired items will be inserted in the Airplayer's next position, and therefore also into the current playlist.