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Using DJ-Scheduler

See Also: DJ-Serv Integrated Scheduler

See Also: Mass category changes

Dj-Scheduler is available from the main DJ-Serv program from the hot keys CTRL + S

It may be used with any version of DJ-Serv to help you manage audio categories, but it will only generate rotate playlists on demand for the PRO version of DJ-Serv.

It is typically used to create and manage categories that are used in rotate playlists

Use the Dj-Scheduler menus to create, delete and set the rules for each category via the category selector.

See below the picture for more....

The tree view on the left shows all the categories currently available, and a double click on each category folder will show in the grid the audio items you have placed in that category.

Category Levels may be made for each category. For a description of categories and levels, see here

For the grid, you can order the items shown by clicking on the desired column header. To see all items the library, be sure to double-click the ALL AUDIO folder in the tree view.