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Walkthrough: Play a Station Ident near the top of each hour

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See Also: Rotate Playlists

  • You have a rotate playlist that lasts approx. 1 hour;
  • You would like to play a station ID near to the top of each hour, politely (that is to say, NOT at an exact time each hour, just somewhere near the top of each hour)
  • You would like the playlist to resume playback, after the hourly ID, at the beginning (top) of the playlist once more.

    Load a playlist in the playlist editor and insert the required ident or rotate group at the end of the hour. 

    Select 'Insert Special' from the Playlist Actions buttons on the left and select 'Command Cut'.  

    You will now see the Command Cut Editor. 

    Use the 'Action' drop down box and select 'Move To Item'. 

    This opens a dialog box where you need to enter the index number of the item you wish to play. 
    NOTE: In the example above, an item number of 31 has been entered, you will see from the previous picture that the ident we want to play, the last in the list, has an index of 30. This is because the command cut we are entering here will become index no 30 in the playlist, our ident we want to play will therefore become no 31.

    Ensure that 'Polite' is selected and also select the frequency of this command using the 'Freq' drop-down box. 

    Once you have entered all the correct information, click OK and the command will appear in the playlist:

    Note that our command has now taken index 30 in the playlist and the ident is now index 31.


    The command ensures that the playlist is moved to the ID position once an hour, at the time you specify. Whatever is playing at the time will continue to play until it reaches the end (this is why we call it a polite command), but when it does end, the playlist has been moved by the command to the hourly ID position, and so it plays next. (Assuming the Airplayer is in AUTO mode).

    Additionally, because the hourly ID is right at the END of the rotate playlist, once it has played, the rotate playlist will refresh (because it wraps around); the rotation positions in the playlist will be re-queried from the scheduler.

    Thus, for the new hour, the playlist will contain fresh audio from the scheduler, according to the rotate categories you have chosen in the playlist.

    If the frequency of the command is hourly, this process will repeat every hour until another playlist is loaded or AUTO mode in the Airplayer is switched off. In theory your streaming station could play like this forever, always playing different songs from each category, rotating and refreshing them each time the hourly ID is played.