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DJ-Serv Integrated Scheduler

DJ-Serv includes an integrated scheduling program, called DJ-Scheduler.

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It is useful in making mass changes to the categories in which you put your audio library items. It is linked to the DJ-Serv database, ad provides a means of making rotate playlists , where you can build a playlist that, instead of consisting of explicit audio items, actually consists of a bunch of categories, that are rotated based on the rotation rules that you can specify.

When the scheduler is asked to provide a rotate item for a playlist, (when a rotate playlist is loaded, reloaded or refreshed), it does so on demand.

Thus there is never any need to "schedule" a playlist....DJ-Scheduler will do its thing for DJ-Serv, automatically. If you load a playlist with roughly an hours' worth of, say 60s category rotates (say, 18 items), then Dj-Scheduler will provide the next 18 items for the playlist from the 60s category.

You can call up the scheduler from the main menu (View / Scheduler), or use the scheduler button in the Manage Tab of Dj-Serv, or use the hot keys CTRL + S.

Note that the scheduler may be called up in any version of DJ-Serv, but the loading of rotate playlists is only allowed in the PRO version of DJ-Serv.