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Playlist Overview

DJ-Serv offers two types of playlists:

Regular playlists (available in all editions of DJ-SERV):

Formed of audio items that play from the playlist from top to bottom; you add specific audio items to the playlist, and they are played in the order in which you added them. Perfect for a predetermined playlist for parties!

See Also walkthrough: Building a simple playlist in DJ-Serv

Rotate playlists (Only available in the PRO edition of DJ-SERV) - Advanced Feature.

Formed of rotate positions. You don't add actual audio items to a playlist; instead you add categories to a playlist, and the built in
scheduler will choose the next available song from this category in that playlist position.

These playlists are perfect where you want to create a playlist (normally for streaming radio) that adheres to a particular style or format.

For example, you can create a playlist that will play only any audio you have placed in the 60s category. The playlist will "find" which 60s songs to play whenever the playlist wraps around from bottom to top, or when it is loaded. You can set rules in the integrated scheduler to determine title and artist separation and so forth.

See Also:  Categories and Category Levels

See Also: Rotate playlists

If you wish to run DJ-Serv completely unattended, then rotate playlists are the best choice. They are extremely low maintenance, and they schedule themselves automatically.