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Walkthrough: Streaming With SHOUTcast and the AudioEnhance Mixer

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Here's a simple, step by step guide to establishing a connection between DJ-Serv and the SHOUTcast DSP plugin.

The example assumes that you wish to stream through SHOUTcast, AND hear the output from DJ-Serv through your PC speakers at the same time:

1) Configure all airplayer players to deliver audio to the AudioEnhance Mixer:

Top menu, Airplayer -> configure -> AirPlayer Devices:

2) Send ALL the airplayer players to the AudioEnhance Mixer:

Be sure to do this for all the player tabs (there may be up to four)

3)  Now use the blue hyperlink to open the AudioEnhance Mixer configuration:

4) Set the AudioEnhance Mixer destination to the device that feeds your speakers (normally primary sound driver):

[Note: this is the step that allows you to hear the output of Dj-Serv locally as well as sending it to a stream. If you DIDNT want
to hear the output through your speakers as well, simply choose a SILENT or VIRTUAL device in this step. The steps below will be

5) Ensure the correct plugin path is set for the AudioEnhance Mixer - you should choose the install folder of your DJ-Serv, but you may
have a Winamp plugins folder if you use Winamp already:

6) Add any audio processing plugins that you wish to modify the audio BEFORE you add the SHOUTcast plug-in:
In this example, we use the recommend audio limiter, Tomass Limiter (CPU friendly, and does a great job of volume levelling!)

Choose it in the list on the left (via a mouse click), then click the add button):

7) Now add the SHOUTcast plugin via the same method:

Note here how the plugs are stacked. The order in the right hand (current) list, from top to bottom, is the route the audio takes.
So the audio comes from the AudioEnhance Mixer, enters the Tomass Limiter, leaves limiter, enters SHOUTcast. This is exactly what  we want.

It is beyond the scope of this help to explain how SHOUTcast DSP works. Please refer to or the help files included with the SHOUTcast downloads. SHOUTcast is totally free to download and use!