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Using Audio Plug Ins

See also: AudioEnhance Mixer Configuration

See also: Streaming with SHOUTcast and the AudioEnhance Mixer

Audio plug ins may be used in the AudioEnhance Mixer, provided they do not change the length or timing of the audio samples.

This means, for example, whilst we cannot support the use of pitch or tempo stretching plugins, almost all the useful 'broadcast style' plugins are suitable for our use! (Including and especially audio compressors, limiters - commonly classed as audio processors).

(By the way, pitch / tempo stretching is already available in the audio properties window for each audio item in the library, and so these are not required in the AudioEnhance Mixer, anyway)

Winamp DSP plug ins are suitable for use in the AudioEnhance Mixer, provided they do not change the sample length or timing, as stated above. The SHOUTcast streaming audio plugin is directly supported by the AudioEnhance Mixer

Adding plugins may be realised from the AudioEnhance Mixer configuration Window:

Note that the audio path is shown in the current plugins list, from the top down. This is the actual route taken by the audio - sometimes the ordering is important! If in doubt, put audio processing plugins first, followed by a the SHOUTCast plugin if streaming.

Also note that the AudioEnhance Mixer will stack the DSP plugins, in order, from the top down. You don't need third-party 'DSP stackers' with DJ-Serv - its all built in!