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Library Browse Grid

This is one of the two ways to organise and find any audio that is in your DJ-Serv audio library. 

You can access this grid directly from the Library Browse All tab on the main DJ-Serv window:

To sort any column by ascending order, click the relevant column header once with the mouse.

To sort by descending order, click the column header once more with the mouse.

You may sort by, for example Artist and THEN Title by holding down the CTRL key between column header clicks.

Once you have a sorted column, you can search very easily by simply typing right on the grid. The grid will jump to wherever you type in an incremental fashion. To find the song title 'Revolution', first sort the grid by Title, and then just start typing Revolution! The grid will 'jump' to where you want to be, and will also highlight the search term found:

Multi Select:
The usual Windows rules apply: hold down the CTRL key and mouse click to select multiple items, or use the SHIFT and mouse key click combinations

Delete key:
Careful! This does what you might expect - it removes the audio from the database, though it does not delete the actual audio itself!

Column Sizing:
All columns may be sized to your taste. Column widths are saved automatically.

Column Ordering:
You may drag and drop columns around to provide the ordering you desire. Changes are saved automatically.

Column Management:
RIGHT click any column header to see the available column headers, and choose whether you wish to display them or not:

Whats the column with a star in it mean?
It means that audio item has a sectone (segue point) that tells it when it will start the next item in automation. For more details on this, see the Audio Properties Editor. You should expect almost all items to have a sectone, because DJ-Serv finds them automatically when new audio is added to the library.