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Database / Search Grid

See Also: Library Browse Grid

Reach this view from the Database / Search tab in the main Dj-Serv window. Use hot keys CTRL + D

This is provided as an alternative to the Library Browse tab, and provides very specific and detailed searching of the audio

The grid in general shares many of the interface assets of the Library Browse grid, for example sorting by column header clicks and so on.

You can choose precisely which columns to display from a right click on any column header:

And there are many! (Some of which are not used in Dj-Serv, but you are welcome to browse them!)

Searching the database:

Choose the relevant search field in the drop down box. Remember that you can use ALL FIELDS if you are not sure where to look!

Example 1: find all songs with 'sunshine' in the title:

Example 2: Display EVERY song in the database (HOT TIP - search for a dot ('.') in ALL FIELDS accomplishes this!)