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Quick Guide to
McKinney, Texas

The Community of McKinney

McKinney, Texas, is a suburban city in Collin County, Texas. With its green and plush scenic landscape, McKinney has the convenience of being located 30 miles north of Dallas, offering the luxury of living close to a big city. It offers plenty of activities, historical sites, shopping, restaurants, breweries, vineyards, and many other attractions. It is an enchanting town and an excellent place for young families and professionals to call home.

 Neighborhood Schools

McKinney Independent School District is an ideal place for children to grow their skills to be productive community members as they become adults. It has a long-standing reputation for excellence in education and often receives national and state recognition. The diligent professional educators who set high standards for all students contribute to its success.

 Businesses in the Community

McKinney has a wide variety of industries, from medical and data management to manufacturing, aviation, defense, and retail. The city has attracted large tech and home-grown companies that thrive in the area. McKinney is one of the numerous sustainable cities in Texas, and the historic business district is one of the most prosperous and prominent.

 Local Legal Access

McKinney offers many resources for legal assistance. There is a comprehensive list of legal consultants in the city available online or at the local Chamber of Commerce. Free legal aid is government or institution funded and available for low-income individuals and families. Another option is to search online for "criminal attorney near me" to find local results suitable for criminal matters.

The People of McKinney

Many factors make McKinney a unique place, but the people that live in the city create these qualities. Community spirit abounds in a safe, friendly, and welcoming community with strong ties to its history and roots while relishing fast economic growth and enhancing life with new amenities. As a result, McKinney creates a unique sense of neighborhood identity for families and friends to live and flourish.